My mother-in-law has the gift of insight and the timely word. As we were getting ready to head back to TN after our house hunting trip she shared these encouraging words...
In John 14 Jesus says, "I am preparing a place for you..." She reminded us that the word "prepared" doesn't mean something haphazardly thrown together in haste, it is something set up, planned, and purposefully laid out with thought and intention.
This house hunting trip has been one big adventure. In the past ten days the four of us have collectively traveled about 2000 miles, been through canceled flights, re-scheduled flights, bad hotel experiences, housing dead ends, bad dreams, doctor's visits, and tearful partings.
But at the same time it has been full of promises, peace, guidance, and blessings. It's been a ten days of being surrounded by family, the feeling of being home in Virginia, discovery, and excitement. It's been 10 days of seeing the intentionality with which God is preparing this move.
We boarded the plane in Baltimore last night (long story how we ended up there, ask me sometime :) and flew back to Nashville with no house successfully nailed down in Virginia. We have a house we love, but we surrender that to God as we trust His plan. We should be anxious, we should be stressed, but we are surrounded in peace.
God is preparing our home in Virginia even if we don't see it yet. God is preparing our hearts to be in tune to Him and where He wants us to live to be used by Him. We are thankful for all this trip has taught us, all that God has infinitely blessed us with, and the peace we have being held in the arms of our Father!


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