24 Weeks

Pregnancy This Week 
You know what I didn't do this week? Take a belly shot. You know what I did do? Took a ton of pictures of my boys. 
So since my belly hasn't really changed over this past week anyway I'm just going to show off
the big brothers:)
How Far Along: 24 weeks (ok at his point I'm a day away from 25, but it's kinda been a crazy week)
Size of Baby: About the length of a large ear of corn and weighs 1 1/3lbs.
Gender: Boy! Wilson Tyler
Weight Gain: I actually lost weight at this last appointment...not really what you want in pregnancy. Pretty sure it's due to a medication I have to take. So I got medical clearance to indulge a little more...seconds on ice cream?
Maternity Clothes: Not yet, since I carry high I can still wear all my regular pants. Though with my belly starting to round a bit I'm seeing the need for longer shirts so I'm probably going to start switching tops out soon.
Movement: A ton! I think Wilson likes the sound of water because he always starts moving a ton when I'm washing dishes or in the shower. He is also getting very pronounced in his tumbles. I can feel little feet and limbs pushing and stretching instead of just vague flutters.
Cravings: I still like junk cereal, turkey sandwiches, and fruit of any kind. But with the need for more calories in my day I've taken to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, that ought to do it :)
Symptoms: For the first time this week I have felt more tired in the evenings and very ready for bed when I can collapse onto my pillow. But that may have something to do with sleep being interrupted by my sick husband, baby on the bladder, or little boys waking with bad dreams, growing pains, or asking if it's time to get up.
Best Moment of the Week: Hearing Harrison tell strangers and the overall general public about the baby in Mommy's tummy. He is starting to develop a sense of pride about being the biggest brother in this growing family and has taken a protective stance over his little brothers. It's very sweet and encouraging to see.


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