27 Weeks

Pregnancy This Week 
(Another lovely sun-right-in-the-eyes picture)
How Far Along: 27 weeks
Size of Baby: About 2 and half pounds and 14 1/2 inches
Gender: Boy! Wilson Tyler
Weight Gain: Finally leveled out! I'm back to about a five pound total weight gain, no more losing what I've gained.
Maternity Clothes: Not totally. I did pull out some maternity tops for the house hunting this week so I was extra comfy riding around, but I still don't fit maternity pants and it's quite annoying and embarrassing to have them fall down, so we will wait on them.
Movement: This boy is getting stronger by the week and trying to push his boundaries making sure my ribs and other organs know their place.
Cravings: Still love sandwiches and now I'm into icy stuff like sherbert, cold drinks, shakes, and even just ice.
Symptoms: Just those awesome kicks of "Hi Mom!"
Best Moment of the Week: Starting to look for our new home in Virginia and the place where Wilson will be born!


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