It's All in the Details

There's been lots of little hurdles around here lately. Little obstacles that we did not see coming, but have a purpose, I'm sure. Things like our only working PC falling to the floor resulting in no working PC's. Little things like losing hours of house hunting research, all my realtor contacts, months of pictures, and the only way I can upload, back-up, and blog pictures of our craziness. Little things like fevers and coughs, sleepless nights, house hunting dead ends, lost favorite toys, current home repair issues, and car repair issues. But here's the detail I'm clinging to...they are all just little issues. None of them are life altering, life ending, or cause permanent damage. As Matt cuddled all of close last night and reminded the boys how each of them are more important than broken PC's and finding a house it reminded me how God is protecting and guiding us every step of this huge time in our lives.
In a little over three weeks we'll be home. We'll be back in Virginia, Matt will be working in the city he has dreamed about for decades, we will be surrounded by family, and the prayer of our hearts for the past 2 years will have been answered. These little hurdles can only strengthen our steps to get there.We don't have a house, we don't have a lot of the answers, we don't even have a specific move date yet (due to not having an address), but the joy in our hearts, the feeling of being held by our Heavenly Father, and the excitement of Virginia bound little boys is more than enough to keep us motivated and anticipating being back home!


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