On My Toes

Lately these boys have had a way of keeping the days far from mundane, predictable, or scheduled. And if you know me, you know I'm not one for operating on a daily plan, so this works for us.
Waking up to a day full of unknowns, messes beyond my imagination, wondering who will end up with the next goose egg, and if we'll fit it all in before we collapse in a good kind of exhaustion is kinda the way we all operate.
Lately Jeff's been into climbing, and I'm not talking about the stairs. By climbing I mean shelving units in the pantry, kitchen counters and cabinets, and the dining room table. Everything is a challenge as worthy as Everest to this explorer as he seeks to reach the summit and I reach extreme levels of panic.
And Harrison, well, he's informed me the house is full of bad guys that need a good fighting and beating. The "bad guys" also known as a vacuum cleaner, a dust buster, a broom, a washing machine, etc, are all opposable foes worthy of a meeting with his Nerf sword. While I love my valiant little knight, his protective services have a tendency to lengthen cleaning times.

So you can see that between my height defying son and my super hero son I've definitely been staying on my toes. The days fly by with moments of "I-did-not-see-that-coming" and "how-did-you-get-up-there?" Before we know it, Wilson will be here and I'm sure staying on my toes will be the only option.


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