Thankful for Boxes

I love the complete peace that comes with 100% reliance on God. Sometimes we need the reminders that He doesn't need our "help" or more importantly our feelings of being the ones in control.
And so sometimes it takes lost treasures, broken laptops, no house and a three week deadline, and lots of dead ends to create that utter dependence on God who loves us more infinitely than we can imagine.
Well, who would have thought a little thing like boxes would even be something we couldn't control. Thanks to some friends we were able to get a few, but moving all of us and the boys collections is going to require some heavy duty cardboard.
After being rejected by store after store for box handouts I was starting to wonder if there was a cardboard shortage in the area. And not wanting to buy them for $10 a box at Lowes had me searching high and low.
So, between the packing, house hunting, PC repairs, phone calls, runny noses, and flight check-ins, Matt suggested a walk to just get out of the house for a bit.
And God lead our steps right by a house a few streets down being moved into, with boxes having completed their use, being thrown out. Every size, kind, shape, and weight of box you can imagine was accounted for. Even a special padded one for wall mirrors...the very specific one we needed.
So we took countless trips loading God's cardboard provision into our town home to get ready to be packed with our lives and taken home to Virginia. And it was in those trips back and forth, laughing and marveling, that we found God really is in control. He knows our steps, our plans, our future home address, our move dates, and our tomorrows, because He certainly had our boxes:)


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