Thank You God for Poison Ivy

We recently discovered some of the healthiest poison ivy in existence. The shiny foreboding leaves of three are about the size of my head. I took the opportunity to teach Harrison all about it. He soaked up every word as I talked all about the rash and itching the innocent looking leaves could produce...but little did I know how much he was impressed.
That night as we tucked him into bed he gave me quite a surprise. We have a bedtime tradition of telling God something we are thankful for from that day. As it came around to Harrison he said, "Thank you God for poison ivy!" Matt and I looked at each other in surprise and stifled giggles as we kissed Harrison good night. But it go me thinking. My little boy was genuinely excited about a poisonous plant and thought God made a pretty neat "leafy bad guy".
He's the only one I've ever heard to be thankful for the annoying green ivy. There's a lot of "annoying ivy" in my life right now, but then again, maybe I'm the one with the wrong viewpoint. It took my three year old being thankful for the poisonous plant to get me to see, that maybe it's not as bad as we all think...that is...our own personal plants we stay annoyed with and tiptoe around. There's a lot of "cool" in what God created and what's happening in life. So thank you God, for the poison ivy.


  1. that is so sweet. i love that :)

  2. i write an "i am thankful for...." daily post blog. tonight, after tucking my 11 yr old son into bed, with a TERRIBLE case of poison ivy, i decided to google 'how to be thankful for 'poison ivy'? and i found your blog! so, is Harrison still thankful for poison ivy? if he has gotten it...then probably not ;) Thanks for the post. Have a great evening!


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