Laguna Beach

Sometimes there something you really want to do.
A lot of those times you have it so built up in your head you've made it better than it really is.
So much so that if you ever do get to experience it, you are left disappointed and let down.
But this was so far from that. This was everything I had imagined and dreamed.
This was beautiful Laguna Beach tucked into rocky coves and blanketed with seaside mansions.
Harrison and Jefferson were more than thrilled to catch seaweed tangled in the surf and eat handfuls of sand.
We drank in every beautiful bounce of pink and orange off the waves as the sun sank behind the horizon.
There's just something magical about a sunset over the sea.
Living on the East Coast had given us many mornings to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic water.
But now we all sat side by side watching the day end over the Pacific Ocean and it was perfect.
A lot of people have asked what the best part of the trip was.
For me it was this moment, the four of us, drinking in the sunset, while wrapped in a cove of Laguna Beach.


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