Arrivals and Departures

Two kids, 3 carry-ons, 5 checked bags, a mom, a dad, and a car seat make for an interesting caravan through an airport.
While we had our ill-conceived ideas about how it would go, we were pleasantly...wrong.
The Nashville airport was surprisingly empty on take-off day. We were whisked through check-in and practically run through security. I don't think TSA and toddlers really mix well so they just walk them through as quickly as possible.
Nashville airport is pretty kid clever as they have an indoor playground to burn kids' energy up before boarding. It's close to the gates and far enough from the line of business men typing on their iPads.
Air time both way was four hours non-stop. This means 2 Disney movies, 1 coloring book, 1 Lego miniature, 2 bags of goldfish crackers, 2 cat naps, 1 thrown sippy cup, and an endless supply of chocolate chip cookies from the patient stewardess.
We got to see the Mississippi River, crop circles, rugged mountains, and about 2 hours of dessert. Harrison kept asking where California and Virginia were.
Air travel really isn't bad at all with our little men. They are glued to the windows watching arrivals and take-offs, baggage carts loading and un-loading, and air traffic controllers.
Harrison even got a chance to explore the cock-pit with the pilot. After surveying the countless buttons, toggles, and switches he declared he wanted to be a pilot one day. Both of the boys were awarded their "wings" and we counted our blessings of having such great travelers.


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