Eleven Months

In one month we will be cleaning up wrapping paper and cake crumbs from celebrating your one year birthday. My mind really hasn't grasped the time that has flown by, but slowly over the past 11 months I've watched my helpless wrinkled newborn turn into a rough and tumble little man.
Jefferson, you are eleven months old and you are the best little package of curiosity, personality, and spunk. You have this amazing grin that melts me every time and you know it!
You are 21 1/2 lbs, size 4 diapers, and wear 18 month size clothes. You hate having to wear shorts or pants, you'd much rather crawl around in just a t-shirt and diaper. You love opening your dresser drawers and throwing all the folded clothes out on the floor.
You love being outside. If you a hear a door opening you crawl faster than a speeding bullet to try and escape before it closes. You are happiest squishing your fingers in mud, gnawing on rocks, chewing grass, and splashing in water. You love walks in the wagon, swinging at the playground, and "talking" to the moon before bedtime.
You have a love-hate relationship with bath time. You love to have the faucet running and you will splash it over your face and rubber ducks. But when we turn it off you are all done with the tub and want out...except if you can manage to throw a cup of water at us and crack up at yourself.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, are your favorite times of day. You love oatmeal, pasta, grilled chicken, avocado, fried rice, and just about any fruit you can get your sticky fingers on. You like drinking out of big boy cups like Harrison and you now request a fork and spoon to eat with...what a little gentleman.
You love knocking over blocks, terrorizing your brother's train track, wrestling, matchbox cars, and pulling everything out of the cabinets and closets. You are "talking" more all the time and have quite a lot to say. You can say Da-da, ma-ma, fork, all done, more, up, block, look, and hi.
Jefferson, the past eleven months have been more rich and full because of you being here with us. You are such a blessing and I look forward to all the years ahead. We love you our big, almost one-year-old, little man Jeff!


  1. Wow! How has it been nearly a year! :) Happy 11 months handsome guy!


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