Are You Listening?

The world is such a big place to a growing boy. I know there is a ton to figure out and Harrison isn't inhibited by anything when it comes to asking questions.
Anybody, stranger or friend, we pass during the day has a chance to be a sounding board to Harrison's observations, questions, musings, and candor.
But for the most part I'm on the receiving end of an endless vocabulary with a million things to say or ask. Whether scrubbing toilets, cooking dinner, or washing floors, I have a constant flow of chatter wanting to know who, what, when, where, and why.
And honestly, it's the best part of being a mom. I get to drop the sponge or lay the laundry down, take my little boy's hand and figure out the world together. No sink of dirty dishes could keep me from answering his questions.
I don't always know the answers, but I do have the time. I'm guessing one day he won't need me to explain or want to chatter away about Star Wars and bad guys, so today I soak it up.
Today I sit side by side and listen to his voice explain his world to me. I make sure he knows I'm taking in every word and that I want to hear it all. One day he may not need to talk like this, but one day he'll know his Mom was and is always there to truly listen to any of his ideas, dreams, questions, and musings.


  1. Meg, you are a GREAT mom to those boys, stopping what you are doing to spend those precious minutes with them as they grow and share are priceless, they will stay with them forever
    love you all nanny

  2. Love this! I need to do better with stopping what I'm doing and just listening.


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