Whatcha Thinkin'

I've always wondered what babies think about. Sometimes they just look like they know it all in their wizened expressions.Sometimes the way Jefferson is taking in something makes me think he is smarter than me...kinda gives me a complex. But he just looks like he has some thought on a vastly higher plain of intelligence than I can hope to reach.Then sometimes he'll just blow a raspberry at me when I ask him to smile or say "momma" and then I know we're on a even playing field.But he's definitely quite the little thinker, ever observant, and retaining like crazy. He is a facial expression master and can very effectively communicate his feelings about you or a situation.But one expression I do know, without a question, is that full blown, cheek to cheek, gummy smile. The one that melts me to my toes. That's definitely a thought I can read, and return.


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