Resurrection Eggs

The boys great aunt gave them a set of Resurrection Eggs this Easter. Each egg contains a symbol of the progression from Jesus' triumphal entry to His Resurrection.We have been telling them since birth about Jesus dying for our since and rising again. Harrison knows most events surrounding Jesus' death and resurrection, but it wasn't until we started using these eggs that it came to life.Harrison is such a hands on guy that he loved opening each egg as we read through the Bible. His anticipation of getting to the next egg was contagious and he even started guessing as to what each would contain.While his little face fell in deep concern when we covered the crown of thorns and the nails in Jesus' hands and feet, his eyes shone with pure giddiness when we opened the last egg to find it empty, just like Jesus' tomb, because, as Harrison said, "He's not dead! He's awive!"


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