Every morning before Matt leaves for work, he charges his young men to take care of mommy...
...to be the protectors, looking out for and over the home in his stead.
This is a task Harrison does not take lightly. My Superman-in-training excels at his post.
Almost daily he reassures me that he will fight the bad guys away and keep me and Jefferson safe...
...that he will be the man until Daddy comes home, and he will do it all as the "bravest hero ever!"
This precious little Superman is growing fast and one day he will be an amazing hero to the young woman God has made for him.
In the meantime, I sure feel blessed to be protected by my red cap wearing, scraped knee sporting, muscle pumping, 3 year old Superhero.
(Second shot is for Show Off and last shot is for Paper Mama and Project 52)


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