Party Like a Pirate

Harrison is a tad pirate obsessed these days. So since all things are "aye, aye, matey", and "buccaneers away," we decided to go all out pirates for his third birthday.There is a huge pressure to take out a loan to decorate and provide a high end party for your child he may or may not remember. Just looking up "pirate parties" on Pinterest made me gulp when I saw what other moms are doing in the name of "Happy Birthday".I'll admit I felt behind those moms when Harrison and I strung the crepe paper and made his sword cake ourselves instead of getting it made professionally, but we had a blast doing it together. He loved taping, cutting, and creating our tissue paper and dowel rod pirate ship table. He loved licking the icing and tasting the cake crumbs as we sculpted and designed. We turned our old garden into a sandy treasure spot as the boys dug for buried treasure. Gold doubloons, jewels, and other coins were gleefully hunted. The boys had a blast getting covered in sand while digging up their treasures.Harrison is the best little present recipient. He puts on such a show with the appropriate "ooh" and "ahh" at just the right moments. He gasps with mouth hung open in surprise and beams a huge smile of thanks. He loved his sword from Jefferson and helmet and bike from us.And his best friend in all the world gave him a Darth Vader mask and light saber! Harrison suits up as the Dark Side villain and walks around saying, "I am your fodder!" I don't think the guy could have been happier. So his party wasn't up to Pinterest standards. So the cake wasn't done by Ace of Cakes. So we didn't have a real pirate ship brought in.But this little pirate was thrilled...and that's all that really matters. Forget all the pressure of kid's birthday parties. See that smile right there? That's what is most important. I don't think there was a happier 3 year old pirate in the world. And he truly did have a very happy birthday.


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