On My Toes

This little guy is a wild man. Let me just try to fill you in on some of his latest escapades.
Very rarely do I attempt to do any clothes shopping with kiddos, but sometimes the sight of a promising clearance rack is enough to entice me over even with the boys along. Harrison seems to enjoy the digging through clothes as he adopts the role of personal shopper and pulls things off of racks and tosses them into the basket all the while proclaiming at the top of his lungs, "This will be beautiful on you mommy! Wow! Look at this one, it's perfect for you!" While this does make me smile, I have noticed shoppers within the vicinity are not so grateful for his exuberant praise.
My laundry has multiplied more than the boy's two fish and five loaves. In one hour yesterday my boys had created enough dirty clothes for a whole load. We were trying to get out the door in a timely manner, which is laughable in itself because nothing is timely when you have multiple little ones. Harrison was so handsome in his dress shirt and Sperry shoes. He took off running out the back door and sailed through the air. My ears took in the unmistakable sound of water splashing and in an instant, I knew. Harrison had swan dived into his little pool on the patio, fully clothed, and was he ever giddy with himself.
And then there is this new dust buster, which he loves...maybe too much. We got it to aid in the quick pick up of his messes in the car and little "oops" moments around the house. Well, Harrison learned quickly that in order to use the dust buster there had to be a mess first. What an intelligent little boy. We now have to pull out the huge vacuum as he tries to create the need to use the dust buster.
I find my share of empty fruit snacks packages balled up in the glass bowls under my counters as he likes to hide in the cabinets to sneak his favorite snack. I'm going to research buying stock in magic eraser as I scrub matchbox tire tracks off my walls, and I don't tire of finding plastic toy cows in my refrigerator. He drenches my bathroom with bath water, has a blast reorganizing drawers, and loves to get my keys and set off the car alarm. I love this little mischief maker to a fault and I happen to find all of his antics quite amusing. Of course I put on a good show of motherly reprimand when necessary, but inside I am always laughing and looking forward to what this guy does next!


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