I love how determined Harrison is. When he sets his mind to something, he will accomplish it. It doesn't always mean he conquers the task without tears or frustration, in fact that is what happens more often than not. But what I admire, is that no amount of frustration or negative feelings keeps him from "getting back on the horse" so to speak. He is learning to ask for help when he is trying to accomplish something and can't quite get there on his own, but for the most part, the guy wants to go it alone. At the beach he set out to conquer the mountainous dune; a sheer wall of wind whipped sand stinging your legs and robbing the lungs of normal breathing as you ascend. But he did it...all the way up. Matt helped him for just a few yards of the monster dune, but this guy conquered it. He couldn't have been more proud...his face coming up over the ridge said it all.


  1. wish we were near the sand and ocean again! :( looks like he had a great time.


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