Homeward Bound

With great anticipation we loaded up bright and early to head East. It was the start of 2 wonderful weeks back home with family. Unfortunately there are about 10 hours of driving time between all our households. Driving time is like the list price before taxes and fees. You have to add in rest stops, snack attack needs, gas fill-ups, little leg breaks and Jefferson's eating every 3 hours. This trip was starting to look pretty long! But hours of mountain after mountain, my boys did great! They slept, ate, played contentedly, and watched some movies. The 10 hour door to door trip was completed in just over 11 hours! I was pretty proud of us. Of course it helped when we would find fun and creative places to stop for a break. Harrison worked out all his leg kinks on a McDonalds playground in the morning and then in the evening we found a truck stop. The little guy had a blast watching the "Macs" and "Peterbuilts" come in and out. So proud of my little travelers!


  1. Good job, guys! I'd be pretty proud of them, too! :) That's amazing for little guys their age. (I'm not even sure I'd make the trip that well...haha!)


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