This week we have been at the beach, the most amazing place in all creation - in my opinion. This week we have been listening to pounding surf and gulls calling to each other. This week we hiked sand dunes and then ran down as fast as we could.

This week we have been dozing on the warm sand, snacking on junk food, and completely emptying the ice maker of crushed ice to chew on. This week we saw sharks, dolphins, and starfish. This week we counted stars over the ocean.

This week we have been letting the white foam roll over our toes, explored the surf, and took morning runs for miles down the coast. This week we have been eating unhealthy and not caring. This week we have been chasing sandy toddlers.

This week we stayed up late watching movies or playing games. This week we put together too many puzzles with too many missing pieces. This week we made inside jokes and memories. This week we floated for hours across the pool surface soaking up the sun.This week we celebrated an engagement. This week we revived, renewed, and unwound. This week we grew stronger in our dreams, our passions, and our family. This week was needed.


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