"C" is for Cookie

This week in school we did the letter "C". Once again, Harrison quickly found a lot of "C" things he really likes!
We made chocolate chip cookies and he so willingly helped taste the dough! We talked about how sports teams have a coach.
We watched "Cars" and then made a crossroads with "Cars" stickers. We talked about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, but when we believe in Him we become Christians.
We talked about colors and had fun with paints and crayons. Of course you need water for watercolor paints and you can go ahead and use your imagination as to what Harrison may have done with that!
Of course, Harrison's favorite "C" word is candy! What a little sweet tooth he is. He tried hard all week to convince me he needed candy for school!
Our little guy is doing great in school. He loves the one on one time with Mommy and his favorite time is sharing with Daddy what he learns each day. Now I need to convince him that even though "C" says "cake", it isn't his birthday so we don't need to make one this week!


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