Thanks to technology my two-year-old will never know dial-up internet, a corded phone, camera's with film, or probably need to own a set of encyclopedias. He knows how to google, facebook, work a digital camera, and program a coffee pot. Sometimes I wonder what we miss in life since it comes to us so easily. Everything is available almost instantly at our fingertips because of technology.
But it's because of this technology my two-year-old also knows how to e-mail, text, and skype. It's because of these things that home doesn't seem so far away.
It's technology that makes family so much closer when we can't be physically. It brings them into our living room, into our arms, and dissolves these many miles. For all that technology has taken away, I am so much more grateful for all that is has provided.


  1. & This Mi-Mi sure is thankful for all the modern things that allow us to see & hear him as often as we can! =)


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