Beat Of His Own

Our little man is becoming more of his own every day. It's been overwhelming, enlightening, and albeit comical to see his personality emerge. I say emerge, but it's more like explode! This guy is all over the place when it comes to antics and cleverly timed responses. He knows no stranger, not afraid to speak his mind, and has a mind like a steel trap. He is not afraid to walk around in boots and non-matching outfits, he loves wearing his baseball cap backwards, and prefers to eat mac and cheese with his fingers. I've found him chugging coffee creamer, spraying our neighbors over their fence with our garden hose, and skyping on his Daddy's laptop...which is off limits.
He sings loud and long to any music he hears or makes up his own songs. He likes to walk the long way around our complex so he can balance on the curb, he has no problem asking whatever question comes to mind especially in public, and has determined that fruit snacks are his main choice for sustenance.
He says things like, "Mom, I just can't stop. When I see a button, I have to push it!" ... "I like this refrigerator with lots of food in it!"...and "What happened? It's just an accident," whenever he makes a mess. But my favorite thing about this budding boy is that I get to be his mom and watch him grow into his own.


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