Four on the Fourth

The Fourth of July has long been one of our favorite holidays. Matt and I have always had the best memories celebrating our nation's birthday together. We've seen fireworks over baseball diamonds, open fields, and water. We've celebrated with cookouts, ice cream, watermelon, and snow cones. We've been decked out in red, white, and blue, and hives...long story..ask Matt about it sometime :)
Two July's ago we had our 3 month old Harrison with us as we watched the rocket's red glare and gave him his first licks of watermelon. A year later he was up dancing to the band before the fireworks went off and absolutely loved the booming explosions. This year we celebrated in a tad different way. For this Fourth we became a family of four and we celebrated with a new overwhelming feeling of blessed. As Matt shot off fireworks outside (it's legal here and that made my pyromaniac men happy), we soaked up the celebration of living in this amazing country, enjoying the privileges that come with that, and giving thanks to God for His choosing to bless us with four on the Fourth.


  1. I LOVE the family photos! What a sweet way to celebrate the Fourth!



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