To Have And To Hold

Harrison was sleeping through the night at 9 weeks. It would be great to have Jefferson do the same or better yet, sleep through the night even earlier. In order to accomplish this we already have Jefferson on a schedule and attempt to get him to sleep in his own bed by himself for all of his naps. To say that Jefferson is not a fan of falling asleep by himself is an understatement. For the majority of his few weeks of life he has had many willing arms to rock him to sleep. Why would any smart baby willingly drift off to sleep alone in a darkened room when they could be cuddled up. As much as I want to adhere to our goal of teaching Jefferson good sleep habits, I also don't want to miss out on these fleeting days. Hearing his ear piercing cry from his crib is enough to tug this momma's heartstrings and I will admit to caving and and rushing in to scoop up my whimpering little man. We recently became aware of a family whose 7 month old died from an inoperable brain tumor. My heart is broken for his mommy and daddy. It's when you realize the fragility of life that you hold those you love closer, because time is fleeting, because only God holds tomorrow and the number of our days. So I can say without guilt that I will enjoy cuddling my baby boy and scooping Harrison into my arms as often as possible, because today is a gift and I have been blessed with my two boys to have and to hold.


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