I know about the five different love languages, but if there is such thing as a sixth love language I would say it's music and that Harrison has it. Nothing moves this kid like music, particularly praise music. It is the sweetest thing to watch him dance, sing, and lift his arms in praise as he is "singin' to Jesus!" as he says. Recently his Mimi and Papa brought him a guitar which has never left a three foot radius of him since he received it. Harrison strums along to his favorite Lincoln Brewster songs almost all day long. I don't know how God will use his love for music, but I am enjoying watching this passion unfold as Harrison grows up.


  1. I look forward to seeing Thad and Harrison play together someday! They are two peas in a pod. Thad's guitar doesn't leave his side unless he bops a brother on the head with it and it is taken away. :) Praying for you all! New babies are wonderful and exhausting!


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