There are a lot of changes to being in this new state, but one of my boy's favorite changes is that all things explosive are legal...well just about all things. The streets were lined with brightly colored carnival tents tantalizing pyromaniacs for weeks before our country's birthday. Matt was a victim of the advertising and came home laden with bags full of things to be lit and exploded.
Harrison of course was right in on the action and soon became a huge fan of the various loud, bright, and screaming sticks and bombs his Daddy would set off into the sky.
We were one of about five families on our street alone all celebrating with bombs bursting in air. The men were all happy running between their arsenal stockpiles and their launch sites, while the women all silently prayed nothing other then the fireworks got blown up. I know two of my guys sure did have a great time setting things off in smoke and fire and watching them explode. Now to convince them it's really only acceptable to light those things off on occasional holidays. :)


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