As one of five girls I am very aware of the bond sisters share. We are built-in best friends who share secrets, steal borrow clothes, dream big plans, and love unconditionally. I haven't been around many sets of brothers. I can only assume there is a bond that exists there too. I am pretty certain that just like my parents did for us girls, this bond must be encouraged and nurtured by mom and dad. Part of it comes naturally, but part of it needs to be trained since there are personality differences, diverse interests, and needs. Harrison was a little unsure of his baby brother at their first meeting. His blue eyes taking in everything. He had no desire to get close to Jefferson. Many friends and family gave us the idea to have a gift at the hospital for Jefferson to give to Harrison.
This special brother gift was cherished immediately and really hasn't left Harrison's side since he opened it.
Over the past few days Harrison is getting a little more comfortable with Jefferson's presence in our family.
Cautious glances have turned to observing in awe, timid finger brushes are now kisses on nose and cheeks. Lack of words are now boisterous, "Play with this car Jeff Baby!"
At the moment I can only imagine these two little men growing into big men, but I pray as God directs their steps, their friendship, admiration, and respect for each other grows too. I pray these two brothers become so much more as they find in each other best friends.


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