24 Weeks With Baby Quinn

How Far Along: 24 weeks
Size of Baby: About 12", the length of an ear of corn
Gender: BOY! Getting excited to meet this new little man!
Maternity Clothes: I pulled out my new Blanqi maternity leggings. For any of my preggie friends these are my new favorites and a must have! I cannot praise Blanqi enough! I also have their layering tank top and the support is insane! Literally zero lower back aches, decreased round ligament pulling etc. And it makes everything smooth with no lines under clothing. 
Movement: This guy is getting stronger by the day, literally. His movements and kicks are getting more pronounced and I now can identify body parts. This all makes me a little nervous with his size and since we already know he was well ahead of average 20 week measurements at our 20 week ultrasound I'm wondering what size this kid is going to be! 
Cravings: I pretty much cling to my daily turkey sandwich but appetite is still on the downhill slide and I'm not really craving anything these days.  
Symptoms: Not too many crazy symptoms, hormones still trigger tears without warning. Not being someone given easily to shedding tears I'm surprising myself when I just tear up over good news, a Facebook post, a sappy commercial, etc. 
Best Moment of the Week: We had a great family weekend just being able to plan for the future and think and dream about houses, cars, who would share bedrooms, what is it going to be like as a family of 7, etc. It's special days like those, full of dreaming and planning about our growing family, that are special to me in their own simple way. 


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