Annual Thanksgiving Interview

It might be a few days after Thanksgiving Day, but considering I stay a week or more behind on pregnancy updates, I like to think this is a positive tardiness. 
Pregnancy brain is a real thing people, and I completely and utterly admit to suffering from it and my kids completely and utterly admit to taking advantage of it! 
So five days after Thanksgiving when I realized we hadn't done our annual "thankful for interview" I was happy to count up only being five days late and bonus points for it still being November! 
So I leave you with the interview results and will let your imagination fill in the inflections and sound effects that boys may or  may not have added during the question and answer session...
What is one item/thing you are thankful for?
Harrison: My family
Jefferson: Family
Wilson: Playgrounds to climb! (Keeping it real.)
Who is a person you are thankful for?
Harrison: Jaden
Jefferson: Momma and Dad
Wilson: Jaden and Asher, my friends! (said loudly)
What is something spiritual you are thankful for?
Harrison: God gave us eternal life!
Jefferson: Jesus died on the cross to save us and took all our sins from us!
Wilson: Jesus is my friend! (still loud)
What is a weakness you are thankful for?
Harrison: I get angry easily but it helps teach me self control and how to be an overcomer. 
Jefferson: I get my feelings hurt, but God is teaching me to love even when I hurt and not to treat other people like that.
Wilson: I don't come when Mommy say, "Wilson!" So yeah, God teaching me that. 
What is one health related thing you are thankful for?
Harrison: Doctors, but not if it's a doctor that gives medicine to make your muscles weaker, only doctors that have medicine to make them get stronger. 
Jefferson: My strong muscles!
Wilson: My body is healthy! (each word is enunciated slowly and progressively louder)
What is your favorite Thanksgiving Day food?
Harrison: Getting the turkey leg on the fried turkey
Jefferson: The turkey and the mix (chex mix)
Wilson: Uh, special treats, all the special treats! (Still loud)
This Thanksgiving has been filled with heavy days surrounding ourselves, and family, and friends. In light of all the sadness our earthly minds cannot comprehend I'm thankful for my five reminders of God's goodness and keeping our hearts focused on gratitude for all we have. 
No bite of food, no worn tennis shoe, no very loved baby doll, no arms-tight-around-neck hug, and no breath taken is by mistake or without blessing from our good Father. To the Lord who gave and the Lord who takes away, blessed be your name! 
Praying you and your family rested peacefully and abundantly in the care of our Jehovah Jireh!
Happy Thanksgiving 2016!


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