Dreams and Baby Clothes

So I was told dreams become more vivid during pregnancy and everyone was right! I've had the weirdest dreams! I had one where I went to sleep and woke up to a toddler! I had slept through Harrison's first two years of life and missed everything! Then I had one last night where we were at the hospital and I kept hearing all the nurses talking about a baby with a huge head and finally figured they were talking about my baby and I got really upset! Then there is Matt's dreams. I didn't know that daddy could have such funny dreams too! He keeps dreaming about simple things like playing with Harrison or teaching him football, but two nights ago he said he dreamt he went to see Harrison in the newborn nursery and walked over to his crib. Then his little infant sat up, smiled, said "Hi Dad," got down and started running around the nursery. All the nurses were telling Matt that he had been doing that since he got in the nursery and that we had a very advanced baby! I was laughing so hard I was crying as Matt was telling me!

Other than dreams at night, it seems night is Harrison's play time! Starting after ten every evening he punches and kicks so hard you can see it through our comforter! Matt has a blast playing and talking with him. Then when I try to lay on my side, Harrison begins to kick at the bed through my belly. The spot in which he is kicking becomes very ticklish right there on my side for some reason and I laugh so hard! We are having so much fun the bigger our son grows and the more we can interact with him! He loves church still! Every Sunday he just goes nuts the entire time! From the singing to the preaching he just kicks away; it's really cute.

This past weekend I was able to go shopping with my mom and sisters! We found so many good deals. God has definitely been providing for this little one in so many ways. It has been neat to see His provisions in even the small yet fun things. We were able to find the football rug for Harrison's room on sale! As soon as we have his room more together I will post a picture.

It is hard to believe that in 16 short weeks we will be holding Harrison in our arms! We are so excited and counting down the days! Thank you God for your blessings!


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