What Dads Are For

 Around here, a mom can tie a shoe, wipe a nose, crank out a batch of warm cookies, kiss away tears, and even attempt sword fights.
 But there are some things that just need Dad. With three little men in the training it only makes sense.
 Dads have a way of laying out the fine points, going over technique, and after a quick review, kicking the bird out of the nest, so to speak.
 Lately "lessons with Dad" have included everything from changing light bulbs and batteries, refilling engine fluids and jump starting batteries, to sledding and snow flake catching.
 Yes, who knew snow flake catching was a must-have course with Dad, but according to Harrison and his perfectionism drive, he wanted only the best to instruct him in the wintertime art.
 And my first born, who is entirely too hard on himself if he fails after a first attempt, did indeed fail after his first lesson...according to him, since he didn't catch a "huge one like Daddy did."
 And then Harrison got a lesson he didn't know he signed up for; the art of "getting back on the horse." Dads are great at teaching this since they don't operate on the "emotion" like moms do.
And so Matt lovingly told this little man to get over himself and pick his head up. And that's exactly what he needed. Harrison thought he was getting a snowflake catching lesson, but ended up a better man with the lesson his wise Daddy ultimately taught him, the value of hard work, practice, and never giving up.


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