Dear Summertime,

 I'd ask how you're doing but you'd give some "rub it in" answer about how nice the Southern Hemisphere is this time of year. But regardless of your enjoying constant perfection, I do miss you...a ton. On the one hand it seems like you were just here. But on the other you've been gone far too long.
My sundresses and sandals are still right where we left them the last time you were here. The frisbees and baseballs are not as much fun without you around either. They can't be thrown as far indoors and if we take them out, the cold quickly puts an end to the throwing practice.
You've got three little boys who miss you about as much as I do. You should hear the audible groans when I tell them they have to wear coats to go out. They are having a hard time remembering what you look like. I bring out pictures of mud pie making, snake catching, picnics and hikes. But when you are 4, 2, and not yet 1...memory only goes but so far back.
But don't worry, they are saving a ton of energy for when you do get back. My couches, the stair wells, Sunday School teachers, and Target employees would probably all prefer your prompt arrival due to their energy stores.
I'm ready to ditch hoodies and blankets, for flip-flops and t-shirts and watch these little guys get to know you again. But there's another side to your return. It's been 365 days since your last arrival. That means 365 days of little boys growing far too fast. I feel I've barely had time to blink and yet it's been another 365 days.
You will hardly recognize these guys. One is a full head and shoulders taller, 3 times braver...or impulsive, take your pick, they are interchangeable, and about 5 years older in his thinking. The next is stronger, brimming with mischief and I have a feeling you will have a hard time keeping up with him no matter how long your days are. The youngest is not the infant you last remember. He'll be taking his first pudgy toed bare foot steps in your greened fields and this Momma's heart can't compute the equation...
...How can it feel like you were just here, but at the same time like it's been forever? The pictures and memories of 3 mud and melted popsicle covered little boys are all I have from your last visit. And these 3 stair jumping, brother tackling, snowflake and hot chocolate covered little men will be the memories from the time we waited for you. So while I can't's ok you aren't here yet. I'm not about to wish away the time that already goes by too fast...but that doesn't mean you should take your time either ;)


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