The Mommy Melter

Do you see this little guy right here? Oh I could eat him up and he knows it! The stinker knows every way to push my buttons and make me melt all at the same time.
And it wasn't like he read a manual on "Mommy" he just is way too smart for his own good. He observes and processes and then spits something out later you have no hope of preparing for.
He's the king of conflict. One minute he's smearing oatmeal through his hair and stuffing it down his jammies so I think it's "all gone". Of course I survey the breakfast carnage, quickly becoming upset as he sits there with his baby blues and disarming grin.
His tragically cute head tipped to one side and huge puppy eyes looking up stop me in my tracks. And now he is adding his expanding vocabulary to his arsenal. So as he sits surrounded and covered in his protested breakfast his concern is AWOL as he launches his defense.
"Mommy," I hear in that tiny little non-guilty voice, "my bowl is all empty of oatmeal. It was a little bit too hot. Then a little bit too cold. And then I can't eat it. So it can't be finished. I'm just sayin'." And with that I laugh and he does too and I'm in trouble since he is winning in this game and we've only just begun.


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