Two for the Price of One

Check-ups are done in batches around here. If we didn't double up we'd be living in the doctor's office due to the insane number of check-ups they claim kids need to make sure you're not feeding them too much sugar and they can track a flashlight around the room....I kid. 
Doubling up has it's advantages. The brother not being checked gets iPad time and a free sucker from the nurse feeling sorry for him having to sit in the corner of the exam room. But it's still a celebration for all involved as we cheer boys packing on pounds and shooting up inches overnight.
And I'm not really exaggerating that last point. Mr Wils is an official 18 month old stuck in a 9 month old body weighing in at 22lbs and almost 30 inches long, otherwise known as the "best arm workout in the world". I found myself strangely sad packing away all the last remnant of baby clothes and pulling out all the toddler sizes.
And J-man here is weighing in at 30lbs and 36"...he's aiming for an NBA career. I can literally see his jean hems getting shorter on a daily basis. He and Harrison now wear the same size clothes, which on the one hand is great for laundry purposes and not having to separate all their clothes. But on the other hand, I have no idea where my Jeff baby went. Which makes me reconsider this doubling up on the check-ups...or just check-ups in general. I mean, do I really want to be reminded so often how fast these guys are growing? :)


  1. I "double up" with Jericho and Tirzah, too, since Jericho's 6 month check ups are right around her birthday checkups. :) It's crazy, but saves a trip! (and I feel your pain, literally, with the arm workout. Jericho is about 35 pounds now, and has always been in the 95+ percentiles for his weight. Whew!)


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