Sick Day(s)

It's almost been a week since any new posts have gone up, but don't worry, what you've missed hasn't been worth sharing.
I mean, I'm all about sharing, maybe over sharing the antics of my three wild men, but believe me when I say I'm sparing you to withhold the morbid details of viruses and snotty noses.
So use your wildest imagination and picture a sad, pitiful, stuffed up, coughing, feverish, sore throat, sleepless, clingy baby and multiply it times three. Throw in some green snot for fun.
But that's ok. Immune systems are getting a workout and we are getting some extra lay low time. Only Wils had to go to the doctor with an ear infection...everyone else is working it out with some tissues and motrin.
Of course watching a few favorite movies and staying in pj's all day seems to aid in fast healing too for some reason. Not sure of the scientific connection there, but it's a medical fact that jammies shorten the life of a virus.
Throw in a few superhero masks and capes and you've got a surefire recipe for germ annihilation...well here's hoping anyway.
Sick days are kinda merging with long sick nights of no sleep so well days are anticipated about as much as I anticipate one or more little man running around the corner any minute in a mask and cape :)


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