Why We Love Daddy Surprise Party

Matt is our hero. He works long and hard to provide for us, then he comes home and continues to give and pour into us. We don't ever want him to think we take him for granted so the boys and I like to do little things that scream out loud how incredible we think he is.
So this week when Matt was really under attack and being discouraged by the enemy, we decided his home front needed to do some extra reinforcing and encouraging. So we threw him a "Why We Love Daddy Surprise Party"!
I took the whole day to engage the boys in conversations about what makes Daddy great. We wrote out tons of reasons we love him and hung them up creating a whole wall of affirmation. We then went to the store and bought all the things to make Matt's favorite meal and dessert. Harrison even wrote a song about why "Daddy is the Greatest" to sing for him during the party. Also, every time we talked about Daddy we took that opportunity to pray for him and God's protection, encouragement, and blessing over him.
When he came home we turned out the lights and hid. Matt opened the door to a chorus of "Surprise!" The boys had been primed all day in their excitement and could barely contain their giddiness to walk Matt through their hand written words of praise and read "The Wall" together. We took Daddy in our arms and covered him in our praises, respect, and love for all he does for us. I'm glad the boys have such a man of character and integrity to emulate and I'm pretty sure we'll be celebrating more "Why We Love Daddy Surprise Parties"!


  1. Daddy is so super blessed to have such loving support at home. What a great and loving idea!

  2. Love this idea! What a sweet way for the boys to be involved in loving on daddy!

  3. Fantastic idea, Megan! I may have to steal it!


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