4 Month Wils

My handsome Wils, I'm almost certain I just took your 3 month pictures. I no sooner get them uploaded and you turn around and grow another month older. This is just not allowed and needs to stop.
Right about a year ago today I stood in the health section of Target. I'm not 100% positive about what your brothers were doing but to say Harrison was probably rearranged boxes of feminine products and Jefferson was consuming his body weight in fruit snacks wouldn't be too far from accurate.
And me? Well I stood there staring at the boxes of tests before me questioning if I even needed to buy one. But I'm glad I did and I'm glad God had bigger plans than me because I have no idea what we would be without you and you are a very needed and loved part of this family.
And so a year after I found out you were on your way here you are making life richer and fuller in all your sweet ways. Everyday you I get to know you better and I love every minute and everything about you.
You are set on jumping a few milestones and going straight for toddlerhood, but with two wild and crazy big brothers making staircase diving and sofa hurdling look so much fun why would you want to lay around in a bouncy seat.
You hate laying around period. You are much happier in any upright and standing position and will only sit back for dinnertime in which you consume a whole bowl of cereal faster than what I consider humanly possible. You then let the entire neighborhood know of your displeasure of the food being all gone.
You don't cry...well you hardly cry and that's a good thing because with your big brothers I'm kinda playing triage to see who needs the urgent attention. It helps that you are pretty passive and laid back so I know that if you are crying something is really bothering you, except for when your food is all gone and then you just have to work through that yourself.
At your check up a few weeks ago you were 14 1/2lbs and about 24" long. You eat every four hours and have started on some solids but I'm thinking we are going to need to launch into baby food world since today you grabbed my sandwich out of my hands and stuffed it in your mouth. You seemed very pleased with yourself and loved chewing on every last crumb I let you keep in there.
And speaking of grabbing...my hair, jewelry, sunglasses, and cell phone have all been victims of your endless curiosity. So I've offered the plethora of baby rattles, rings, and chew thingies we have around here and you reach right past them for the army men your brothers are having way more fun with.
You grab my face with your sweet little hands and smother me with kisses. You talk loud and long for several minutes every night at bedtime. I'm pretty sure this is because your brothers are in bed and you have some undivided attention and you're taking full advantage of it. You are getting more sturdy with your sitting up and on the border of army crawling. You have been rolling over several weeks now from front to back mainly.
Today I just packed away another load of outgrown clothing and pulled out all the nine month stuff. It's bittersweet to pack away the little things. While it's scary how fast you are growing I'm even more excited to see who you become. I'm excited to see how God uses your sweet personality, your laid back composure, and your determination. I'm captivated by that sly grin of yours and I love you more than words can say. I'm so proud of you my four month Wils!


  1. this is sooooo cute!:) -your youngest sister!:)


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