This Blue-Eyed Boy

Dear Jeff-Baby, let me first just say, "those eyes!" Those baby blues get me every time. You turn your sweet face my direction, flashing those liquid pools and I'm helplessly lost.
You are a sweet heart. You long to please and help. You are my right arm as you take initiative to jump in and help out if you see me working on something.
While you are a huge book fan and can work the mess out of some Crayola's, you certainly stand your ground and hold your own with your big brother being fully capable and skilled in all things tackle and tumble.
You are now into baseball and football totally giving your Daddy reason to celebrate at yet another sports fan in the house. You love bikes, skate boards, and scooters- the faster the better.
Recently your toys of choice have included matchbox cars, train tracks, basketball, and water guns. You are addicted to "yo-ho" ( Jake and the Neverland Pirates) and love singing, loud and long!
We had your two year check up this week. You weigh 28lbs and are 31 inches tall. The doctor asked you what healthy food is your favorite thing to eat and you said, "Poptarts!" Thanks for giving away our secret ;)
You sleep in, you play hard, you are tough, and you are brave. But you never run too far before you come crashing in my lap for a cuddle and I'll eat that up as long as you want.
J-Man, you are such a blessing to me and Daddy. You are an incredible part of our little family we cherish and we couldn't be more proud of the man you are growing into. We love you Jeff Baby!


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