What They Heard

I'm sure there are times when we are standing in the check out line at the store we create a crazy scene. One momma busily trying to load the belt with groceries and three loud boys each with their own opinions, "I'm hungry," "I'm tired," "My knee itches," "*crying*"...
But regardless of the chaotic appearance and noise volume we really do have it together, we're not completely losing it, I'm not pulling my hair out, and we are having a blast at life. But I guess people just don't see it that way.
Because I no sooner start crossing the parking lot towards the store entrance with my three little men and the comments start coming. I've gotten pretty good at being able to guess what each stranger is going to say and could almost recite right along with them.
"You've got your hands full!" "I bet you never get a moment to yourself!" "How do you make it through the day sane?!" "Don't you just feel like you are going crazy with all these boys?" "You just wait 'til they're teenagers and they'll have you pulling your hair out!"
I can almost feel 3 pairs of perfect little blue eyes trained on their momma waiting for her response. And in that second I realize I also have three pair of perfect little ears listening for those comments to be validated or refuted. And so I have the public opportunity to show my boys how my life is only made richer by them and their existence.
So I politley let the strangers down with my praise and public admiration for my boys and life with them. If those opinionated shoppers thought I would join in agreeing with their comments of stress and misery I leave them dissapointed. Because what my boys need to hear is how wrong those comments are; how much they are loved, wanted, and cherished and how there is never a second I'd wish for anything different.


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