They are already wild and crazy. We've already had stitches and splints, so why would we strap wheels to them?
But it's a right of passage. Every kid needs to nail their backside on the wooden floor of a skating rink a few times in their life.
It's one of my favorite memories growing up; the homeschool skating days. In some ways it feels like I was just there in my own skates speeding around the floor to some 90's hit song.
And now I'm the mom standing there trying not to cringe as my little guy crosses 6 lanes of skating traffic to hang with the big kids.
And to me, that lone white shirt clad skater at the opposite end of the rink still looks like my little baby, so alone being passed by bigger and faster kids.
But he's growing up and fast. Mr. Inpendent skated off around the rink with his head held high and I couldn't have been more proud to watch this step of manhood.
Though if I have to be honest, I loved seeing his little face look around for me every time he circled the rink. And that's all he needed, just to find my eyes and see my approval and pride in him.
And that's all I needed too. That and no broken bones from wheels being strapped to his feet.


  1. Bless his heart! Such a brave fella and probably a far better skater than I!


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