Misleading the Public

Don't get any wrong impressions. I realize pictures can be misleading and provide cropped little windows into sane and quiet moments of life. I also realize I tend to write about the positive, the laughable, and the endearing moments of day to day with three boys.
But you would hear anything but quiet and calm interaction if pictures had sound. You would think my boys never heard the word "gentlemen" if you saw them at the grocery store, and you might wonder if I glue them in place to get the pictures I do.
There are days I can't remember the last time I heard myself think. There are days I'm convinced the boys will never get along much less like each other. There are days toys are broken, clothes are stained, and the amount of messes outweighs time to clean them up.
And amidst the chaos and wrestling matches I find myself amused and thankful. I like the noise and the mess, it means life is taking place. I like watching disputes get worked out, it means character is growing. I like the crazy because it means blessings, my blessings that I get to watch turn into men before my eyes.


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