Under Construction

I wasn't too sure how Jefferson's birthday was going to go. At 2 years old he really isn't too much into any one thing yet. He's pretty random and broad in his hobbies and is pretty happy to go along with whatever phase big brother is in at the moment.
So for Jefferson's special day I just tried to cater to the things I know he seems to have a personal bent toward. The boy loves syrup so blue birthday pancakes were had by all before we headed off to the local park. Trains are another love so we boarded the park train where he sat frozen in what I hope was sheer delight, but either way he didn't move or talk the whole time.
I don't know if he has a favorite food, because if I were to be honest I'd say food in general is his favorite. So we went to the store and he walked down the aisles picking out random things and we ended up with marshmallows, fruit snacks, chicken nuggets, and watermelon for dinner. He was also way more into opening presents than he was last year and hammed it up for the camera.
For his big family party with all aunts, uncles, and grandparents we went with the construction theme since the guy loves all rumbling engine, earth moving, back-up beeping, heavy duty equipment. Thanks to Aunt Hottie and Papa the house was a decked out construction zone and the boy was in dig site heaven.
Jefferson was blessed with gifts he adores from family we now get to share these special celebrations with since moving back home. I know Jefferson felt loved and sure ate up the attention...maybe he's gotten used to it a little too much as he now thinks he should be eating cake or opening presents every day! 
We love celebrating these growing boys and I look forward to all the fun parties to come!


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