Sentimental Momma

This is the last day of Jeff being my one year old guy. So today I go through the pictures that captured the last year and find myself a little teary over how fast it went.
My pudgy legged, wobbly stepping, drool box baby is now a boy and I have no idea how that happened in the past 365 days.
Jeff holds my heart with those deep blue pools for eyes he has, his gentle hand holding mine, and his infectious giggle and curiosity. He speaks his own language (literally) and beats his own drum.
But at the same time he loves observing and taking in the world around him in his quiet and content way. Big brother has a bad habit of speaking for him, but when Jeff talks, this kid has stuff to say and it's usually to try to rouse laughter.
This past year has held huge life changes and Jefferson has dealt with each one with more grace and endurance than any adult I know. I could not be more proud of my little man and I feel 365 times more rich for the days with him since his last birthday. This sentimental momma can't wait to celebrate tomorrow, but for now I'm going to soak up every minute of this last day of 1.


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