To All Concerned

While you would think that anyone would take one look at these beautiful pictures and immediately celebrate the healthy life of our newest little man, there has been a small contingent of those certain I am masking disappointment.
As if trying to convince me I have been dreaming about pink and hair bows I am offered sympathetic expressions of "maybe next time". Please allow me to quell your misplaced concerns so you can move along with your very unneeded pity.
You see this little man right here, all 11oz of his perfect and completeness is all I have been dreaming about and everything I ever wanted. He is hand knit by our Creator and I was blessedly chosen to be his mother. He has all ten fingers, all ten toes and I dream about kissing every single one of them the moment he is placed in my arms.
I dream about seeing my three sons wrestling and tackling and growing up together bonding through sports, debates, and loud family dinners. I dream about being the ultimate sports mom proudly seated front row on the bleachers for thousands of games driving across town, state, and country to be at them all.
I dream about constant grocery store trips, running out of milk, eggs, bread, everything all the time. I dream about providing a constant supply of homemade cookies, band aids, water balloons, and the occasional needed mom hug. I dream about viewing way more guy movies than I ever desire to see and one day being towered over by three grown men I had the privilege to hold and nurture.
I dream about seeing these rowdy, grass stained, sword fighting heroes become husbands, fathers, providers, and leaders. I pray for their hearts to be tuned towards Christ, to one day receive Him as their Savior and become mighty men of God used as powerful tools in His hands. To all you naysayers out there, am I disappointed? A million times no, I am three times as blessed, rich, and full to be chosen as the mother of these incredible men.


  1. You put so well into words what I feel as a mom to my two boys. They are a blessing, and I hope that those who have offered you pity see how there really is no need, but cause to give thanks! I love having sons...they really are a blessing.

  2. tears. so sweet. thank you for sharing.


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