Blessed to Bless Again

It's almost like kids come pre-wired excited for Christmas. They don't have to be taught to make wish lists, anticipate wrapped surprises, and not sleep the night before Christmas morning.
What they don't come programmed with is an awareness of others, a heart tuned towards generosity and selflessness, and the idea of "better to give than to receive". So the idea of shopping for little boys on the other side of the world who may not even have a bed to sleep in was very hard for my boy's to grasp.
Though Jeff is still too young, Harrison was gripped by the pictures I showed him of kids without shoes, books to read, tooth brushes, or candy. And even though he asked for one of everything we bought for our shoebox gifts, he started getting excited about a little boy receiving his carefully selected presents.
We loaded the boxes, prayed for the boys who would be opening them in a few weeks and took them to church. Harrison asked where the boys were to give the boxes to and was very disappointed to learn he couldn't personally hand it over to watch it being opened and enjoyed.
Harrison has since asked a few times about giving the boxes to the boys next time. Not sure it will be "next time", but maybe one day we can take our boys on a family trip to help deliver the shoe boxes and watch smiles, cheers, and hugs break out among children receiving what may be their only present. I'm so blessed by my son's heart and the growing God is doing there.
(Disclaimer: Please excuse Harrison's had been fixed...but right as we were trying to snap some pictures and walk out the door he decided it was a good time to put on his helmet :/)


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