The Funny Little Things

There's just these little things I don't want to ever forget. Little things that bring a giggle and make my day.
Like Harrison insisting these popular fall weeds are called "Randalls" and not dandelions. Like wanting to order for himself at every restaurant and doing a pretty good job of it. Like his scheming of being a grown up and cooking his own meals of candy and sausage when I force feed him broccoli. 
And his determination to not use the "kinstuctions", because, "I'm a man and I can figure it all out by myself." And his independence to turn his back on bubble baths and take showers only now, "because I'm getting to be a grown man and need some privacy."
His love of "man meat" (any kind of grilled or red meat), his licking all the cream out of the Oreo and tossing the chocolate cookies, his chewing a stick of gum approximately 3 times and spitting it out because he "chewed up all the flavor". It's just the funny things, the little things, that make the days brighter and life richer.


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