15 Weeks

Pregnancy This Week
How Far Along: 15 weeks
Size of Baby: About 4 inches, the size of a large apple
Weight Gain: Had a huge scare at the doctor with this! I stepped on the scale at my appointment last week and it said I had gained 15 pounds since the last visit! We were all dumbfounded and the doctor gave me an unltrasound to rule out a multiples pregnancy! After some problem solving they discovered their scale was way off. Talk about a relief!
Maternity Clothes: Not yet
Gender: We will find out the end of this month!
Movement: Mostly at night and right after I finished running. Baby also likes to kick at my jeans waist band when I'm sitting down.
Cravings: Still loving a good turkey sandwich. And Chick-Fil-A lemonade is a big time favorite-it's a good thing financially we don't live very close to a Chick-Fil-A!
Symptoms: Besides the baby kicks and taps, I do believe there may be a hint of a baby belly beginning, at least I feel thicker. You know that lovely in between stage were there's no round bump yet, but waist definition is a thing of the past.
Best Moment of the Week: Getting a surprise ultrasound and seeing baby kick and wave. Both boys were there and able to watch. Harrison was concerned about how dark it was in there and determined, "the baby needed to turn on a light!"


  1. I just can't wait to meet this Squirt!

  2. Waist definition? What's that, Megan?!! I think that went out the window for me after Andrew and I never got it back! :-) You look great by the way and I'm thankful your weight scare was nothing to worry about! Can't wait to hear whether you will be buying some bows in the near future or whether you will be adding another little man to the Clark family!!

  3. Too funny about the scale! :) Glad you are feeling well!


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