To Jefferson

Jefferson, you are 14 months old now and I'm having a hard time figuring out where the last year went! I hardly remember you as a tiny newborn snuggled on my shoulder. Now you are a rough and tumble boy always on the go.
You are 24lbs and 31" long. You wear 18-24 months clothes and eat like a horse! I would list your favorite foods, but that would take up the rest of this post...let's just say there aren't a lot of foods you don't like! If you could choose anything to eat it would be chicken; nuggets, grilled, shredded, BBQ- you like it all.
You are a sneaky guy. You like hiding things, pretending, and sneak attacking Daddy's head if he's laying on the floor. You like knocking things over and pushing your big brother's buttons. But you also adore Harrison and want to be with him all the time.
You love cuddling still and giving out hugs and kisses. You are tender-hearted and kind yet you are strong as an ox and just as stubborn sometimes. All of these qualities are making an amazing man and I am blessed to be your mom. I love you Tank!


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