Harrison To The Rescue

Harrison has quite the imagination. Any given day he could be Spider Man, a cowboy, or Black Beard.
He could be fighting bad guys, playing quarter back for the Giants, or cooking us some dinner with ice cubes.
So when we went to the aquarium, Harrison had no trouble donning the lab coat of a veterinarian in the sea turtle rescue lab.
He assumed full doctor-ness with furrowed brow and head nods as he examined and diagnosed his injured sea turtle.
My little Doogie Howser vet worked feverishly to rehabilitate his shark bitten turtle and turned in an Oscar winning performance for the role.
He proudly announced his turtle's health restored and released it back into the wild - or a rubbermaid container on the other side of the wall, but he didn't have to know that.
Right across the hall were the actual sea turtles so Matt called over the little doctor to see them swimming.
Harrison proudly exclaimed, "That's my turtle! Look at him swim! I did it! I made him all better!"


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