Sand Goons

One of our favorite Outer Banks must-stop-at-spot is Jockey's Ridge.
We've never made a trip to OBX that didn't include a hike to the top of the massive dunes.
So this year was no exception as we headed to the sandy summit. (Take note of Harrison's new Spider Man hands-shooting-out-web-pose.)
Once we took in the sound and ocean views we tried for some picturesque photo ops...these days that includes head locks, tackles, tears, and bribes.
My sister snapped away as fast as she could. After dozens of frames we got one where we are all looking the same general may not be perfect, but with two hyperactive guys I'll call it success.
Harrison then proceeded to relentlessly run down and climb back up the steep sandy face of the dune or goon as he calls it.
And that plan totally worked for me. Because after that much sand, hiking, sun, and climbing I knew nap time would work in my favor:)
The dunes were a hit, a partial photo op success, and the perfect place for my silly boys' slapstick humor of falling and tackling. I love the memories we've already made there and look forward to the ones still waiting for us to make at the "goons".


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